The benefits of life coaching and how it saved me well firstly there really aren’t negatives to doing life coaching and it only doesn’t work if you don’t do the work… That’s a fact.  

So how did it help me? Rewind to April 2020 The whole world was in lockdown. I live alone and had just got over having covid which I had for around 6-8 weeks so had already spent a long period in isolation. I was a regional manager of a charity and was half heartedly doing Katie Ryan Creations. It had been months and months since I’d picked up my camera and any enthusiasm for photography or creativity had gone out of the window with the rest of my sparkling personality. I would say I was at the peak of an 8 year slump and at the time could only see two ways out: either fix up or just leave this planet altogether. 

Dealing with Procrastination, low self confidence and self esteem I knew if I was serious about changing my life I needed to try something new Life coaching wasn’t something I had considered before but my Best friend Sasha was a certified life coach running her female empowerment brand Women Who Slay with her Mother and I could see the work she was doing with others so I reached out to her to sign up for her transformational mindset coaching.

Despite being such good friends myself and Sasha have worked together for years on a variety of projects so being able to separate our friendship from work is something we both knew we could do so I  had no concerns with hiring and paying Sasha to coach me and honestly it was the best decision I made in the last decade….

Over the first 6 months I unpacked so much trauma in my sessions not realising how much these things had been holding me back. Not only did life coaching help with my mindset it transformed how I was living day to day from the foods I was eating to how I was using my time to even how I dressed and presented myself.

It didn’t take long for me to pick up my camera again and actually start to take myself more seriously and appreciate the work I was producing for what it was. 

We set out some long term goals and with every tick my confidence grew. 

Most coaching lasts for 6 months but I wanted to ensure I could really change my long term future so continued with accountability coaching which allowed for me to set bigger goals and ultimately change the way I lived my life.

Fast forward to 2022. The first part of the year was extremely difficult. A few things that had happened / were happening in my life that had set me back a few steps (not enough to give up) but Women Who Slay continued to push me forward.

Since I started coaching the following has happened:

  • My confidence has increased massively 
  • My photography got better and better 
  • I built my website after delaying it for years
  • I left my 10 year career to go self employed and run my own business 
  • I got new clients 
  • I rebranded Katie Ryan Creations which included redesigning my website for the 2nd time.
  • I use my time more efficiently 
  • I have something to live for 
  • I stopped allowing people to have power over my emotions. I stopped reacting or needing people in a negative way.
  • I continue to tick off goals big and small 
  • I rented a studio space alongside two amazing photographers 
  • I started studying a variety of courses to enable me to be even better in my field

Life coaching changed me, saved me and made me believe in myself. 

To find out more about Women Who Slay check out their website http://www.womenwhoslay.co.uk I highly recommend their services phenomenal 

Women Who Slay – Syianne Rae & Sasha Shantel Founders / Certified Life Coaches


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