One of my favourite people to work with is Sasha Shantel, Lifestyle blogger www.sashashantel.com Certified Life-coach and co-founder of Women Who Slay. www.womenwhoslay.co.uk

Sasha also happens to be my best friend and someone I’ve worked with on numerous projects over the last 10 years. So I jumped at the opportunity to do a range of branded shoots with Sasha for both her blog and Instagram @iamsashashantel_ some of the brands Sasha included Adidas, @Afropopsocks, @MeganIsMay  @larenafashion

I have taken thousands of pictures of Sasha over the years but this years shoots we have produced some of the best pictures yet. You can see images from these shoots on Sashas website and you can see images from our latest shoot for Adidas here

Shooting with Sasha has given me the opportunity to really get into video editing and capture you can check out some of the reels we’ve done on our respective Instagram pages.

Brands, influencers and bloggers that are interested in working with me please contact katieryancreations@gmail.com

Make sure you check out Sasha phenomenal work across all of her projects. Highly recommend her life coaching services.

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